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Tools and Resources

Wmware (virtual machine)
Auto Hotkey (macros)
Dev C++ (Compiler)
VLC Media Player
Iso creator/burner
Sysinternals Suite
Process Explorer
FileZilla (FTP)
CD Emulator
Data Eraser

Online Image Editor
Metadata analysis
Font analysis

Malware Protection:Avast, Spybot Search and Destroy
Linux Distributions:Backtrack, Ubuntu, DVL, Blackbuntu
Password Crackers:JohnTheRipper, Cain and Abel
Hex Editor:Hexedit
Packet Sniffer:Wireshark
Network Sniffer:Kismet
Packet Manipulator:Scapy
Port Scanner:Nmap

Web Design

Online Javascript Collaboration (*/edit): replace the * with whatever you want to get your own url.
Online Real-time HTML editor | Menu Creator
Cheat Sheets: Canvas | WebGL
Security Auditing: Burp Suite

Firefox Extensions

Adblock Plus
Grease Monkey
User Agent Switcher

Chrome Extensions

Security and Privacy: WOT | Disconnect | KB SSL Enforcer | Keep My Opt-Outs
Ad blockers: AdThwart | AdBlock
Proxy Switchy
RSS Subscriptions
Personal Blocklist